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Real Estate

You are moving to a new area so you start searching online to see what the pricing is. You found a few you like and you’re curious so you call the agent listed on the ad there. You leave a message. You found another home you like so you call the agent listed on that ad. You leave another message. You do that a few more times and now you sit on pins and needles waiting for a call back from SOMEONE.
You get a callback… oh wait which house was that? You don’t remember because you have left messages with so many different people. You try to pull the house back up but you’re not sure which site you found it on.
Do you know that agent? Do they know YOU? Do they know your situation? Is that agent working for YOU?
You need one agent who is working FOR YOU. An agent that understands your wants and needs, your situation, and your time frame. An agent who has your best interest at heart. You know us, you trust us. Let us connect you with an agent like us. We have your best interest in mind and we want to make sure you are being taken care of no matter where you’re moving to.
So remember, if you or someone you know is moving out of the area, let your Southwest Florida Homes Team girls make sure you’re in good hands