Have you seen Margo with Home-Tech?

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Her name is Margo and you would remember if you’ve met her. She’s the Home-Tech representative that really gets around town. She’s that cute blonde with the biggest warm smile and these big bright green eyes. Yes she’s adorable but the cool thing about Margo is she really knows her stuff.


She sells home warranties and no matter what you throw at her, she has an answer for it. Yes, she’s a good salesman, but more than that, she cares. You see Margo gets the calls from homeowners whose refrigerator have gone out. The refrigerator is under a manufacturer's warranty but that doesn’t help the here and now. You’ll hear the- We don’t have any fridges in stock, or We can be there in 7 days... Well, that doesn’t help… The fridge full of groceries won’t last that long.


She’s heard people tell her horror stories about their past experiences with home warranties. She looks at them with those smiling eyes and tells them the difference. The key difference is quite simple, she says. “You see, here at Home-Tech, our employees own the business. Our employees having a stake in the company, means they really care that every experience you have, every service that is done is TOP NOTCH.” Plus, they stand behind their 2-hour service time frames. Time is everything when your fridge is down not to mention A/C troubles here in Southwest Florida.


Something else Margo will tell you about is the Member Appliance Center. As a member, you can buy your next appliance at a discount with Home-Tech. No more waiting in line for the next available sales rep, you can set up a private appointment with one of their specialists. And they sell only the best quality brands. Since they perform over 1500 appliance repairs a week, they only sell brands based on service reliability and proven value. Makes sense to me!


So, look around the next time you’re out and about, you may just see Margo! She’ll be pretty impressed with your knowledge about Home-Tech!


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